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Configurable options slider free mimimun quantity.

Webdomain.com shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

Actually the Configurable options quantity slider only allows to have a quantity to start from but not to bill from.

For example, if you configure a Disk Space to start from 5GB and bill each GB 1 Euro, the customer will be invoiced 5 Euros per default.

What if I wanted to offer the first 5GB? I will need to configure a coupon code, a bundle or use a dropdown list :( ; which is really not a good commercial ergonomic.

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This is also very much needed to offer VPS services with variable disk/memory/cpu/bandwidth/etc.


Hello all

Yes we would also like to offer vps with the slider and some values included. so that feature is really needed for that. even more it would be great to have also the abillity to select the steps like from 5 to 10 gb to 15gb so steps of 5 when it comes to hd space.


please allow stepping. A slider of 0 to 10000 just doesn't cut it.