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client remove an addon bought times ago

Esi87 shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration


could be taken in consideration possibility that a client would want disable an addon product bought times ago ?

Actually client hasn't possibility to make it, and these kind of actions have to maden by admin into whmcs admin area.

i think that it would be better if client could solve by himself it.

Thank you.


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I like this idea, a way for a client to be able to either disable or cancel an addon without having to get a member of staff to do it.


Sure, actually client can't disable an addon product, and this action need to be maden by admin user.

I think that would be more easier and quickly that client could disable his addon product if he don't need for new cicle of payment


I can add to this request necessity to prevent a client to purchase multiple times the same addon product. For example, if there's addon product for more disk space, a client can buy only one time this kind of addon product and not more.

i hope that this kind of feature as possibility to dismiss addon product by clientarea, can be added asap.

Thank you