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Client real identity validation [ ID/ bank acc statement etc ]

horatiu shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration


Having your account validated is usually common practice pretty much everywhere, some go as far as calling you to verify your claims.

I propose a custom field somewhere - a client property modifiable by admins upon client's successful submission of ID scan/photo and utility bill or bank statement. This is to prevent (if the situation arises) fraud and if necessary to forward the real culprit's details to the authorities instead of the hosting company taking the blame.

The way I do it now is as follows. I disable automatic setup of assets, i open a ticket to every new client that has his first pending order and ask him to submit ID and utiliy bill scans or clear enough photos. Afterwards i manually accept their order whatever it may be.

This would be so nice to have automated. I'd like to check a box and then allow the client to issue any orders and have the system automatically set up their services without any more admin interaction.