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Client Filter criteria in Mass Mail Tool (eg. by country)

deepaksakhrani shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration


I have been facing challenges to send mass email to customers in specific country.

We often have seasonal discounts or promotional offer for customers in selective country but we cannot send emails within WHMCS Mass Mail Tool as we are unable to filter customers of required country.

So for every campaign we end up exporting, sorting WHMCS clients and import desired clients in another email application to execute the campaign. This is too much handle with growing clients and number of campaigns every month.

Apart from City, Country, there can be other client filter criteria that cab be used like,

clients signed up in last 30 / 60 days for initial service feedback follow ups,

Domain TLDs criteria as filter - clients having .NET TLD or any other TLD configured in WHMCS

I would like to request WHMCS users to suggest more Client Filter criterias so that it can benefit everyone.

With best regards,