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Client API for WHMCS

Pavel Odintsov shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration


We need ability to provide client API access to services (order, reboot, change password), invoices (create, pay form credit) and tickets (create, read and write). Will be fine got REST'ful api with JSON.

At now we can't provide API for clients due to only admins restriction.

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I would absolutely love this!! I've wanted to make an open source detached frontend for WHMCS for ages.


Hello, is this still only under consideration, or has there been some development progress on this? This is pretty much a big mis on WHMCS side for creating an Admin Only Api. Please consider this a bit faster, it has been 4 years and I am really looking forward to using the entire api including a client side. There are much less settings and fields to work on for the client side - all of which can be retrieved using the Admin api anyway.



Thanks for your suggestion and votes thus far.

There are currently no plans to implement a client-side API. However please keep voting and suggestion your use-cases, and should demand for this increase in future (up from the current 3.25 votes per year) then we can certainly reconsider.