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Change Proforma file name without Eu Vat Addon

Massimiliano shared this idea 1 year ago


i need to customize the file name of Proforma invoice because different customers told me that for them it's a bit confused.

Now proforma has this name:


and official invoice this name:


I need to change the Proforma name like that:


*This is just an example of course.

With Eu Vat addon you can do this from admin panel, but i don't use Eu Vat addon, but this other addon: https://katamaze.com/whmcs/product/Billing-Extension

I tried to write to the extension developer but i disappeared in the last 3/4 months.

I think this change could be useful for all whmcs user that are not using Eu Vat addon.

Thank you in advance to all of you

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Thanks for your suggestion. We are planning to integrate the EU VAT Addon functions into the core invoicing settings this year.

However I'd like to understand why the use your after-market addon precludes the use of the EU VAT Addon smilutaneously?