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Cancel service in x days.

Kris Douglas shared this idea 8 years ago
Under Consideration

It would be great if for companies who take notice periods for thier contracts to be able to automatically cancel the service and stop sending invoices after a specified time. For example if they give 30 days notice, you select "cancel after x days" and set x to 30 it would wait 30 days, invoicing as normal and then cancel the service. At the moment you have to make a note and go in and cancel it, and numerous times we have had a customer billed for a month more than they needed to be.

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So, do you mean that those companies need to setup, ea. cancel after 90 days, without generating invoices in the meanwhile? It think it would be really useful and according to some legal systems. We currently does this way suspending their services but not cancelling them. Then, if the clients change their mind before cancelling, they have to pay setup or late fees to have their services reactivated.