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Base Price on configurable options

Nathan Hilton shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration

I'd like to see WHMCS implement a base price for configurable options.

I'd like to use the quantity option in my WHMCS for customers to order a custom spec vps, however If I use the quantity, I have a minimum allowance on storage & network uplink, I'd like the storage to start at 30GB, yet each additional 10GB to be £2.50 extra.

My product price starts at £5.00, yet the £2.50 gets added three times on top of that pricing, which is no good & even with the other configurable options, if i put the product price to £0.00 - the lowest spec still totals over £5.00 (usually the minimum is around £15-20....

Please let there be an option to allow min spec to be completely free then extras can be put on top of that, HostBill allows this already, I really want WHMCS to have this option too.