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Cancel associated outstanding invoices for cancelled services/products

WHMCS Sam shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

Request that any outstanding invoices associated with a service/product be automatically deleted when that service/product is cancelled or terminated

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This should never be a mandatory option. See ahobach's comment.


while i can see that you can handle invoices easier in US and other countrys than EU theres a reason why major products hadnle invoices for US same way as they would for the EU.

treating them as a legal document, never to be deleted, never to be changed.

all that deleting, and mangeling of invoices just shows no proper business education or idea of a real workflow.

shure it may seem easier taht way, but its hard to explain endless gaps in your bookkeeping even in US.

you as a business owner want a papertrail, you want anyhting happening in ouyr system to be able to audit, and follow.

otherwise any employee could steal away services, give credits for free, hide customers and so on.

or is just confused, makes some mistakes and you loose money in best case or customers...

so naa removing invoices very bad idea regardless of the law,.. its for your own benefit to have your papertrail and data about what happend, when and why


This is ESSENTIAL and I am very surprised that it is not part of WHMCS already. It has already happened more than once that a customer pays for his invoice very late to then find out that his product has already been terminated by my Virtualizor VPS module. It would p*** me off quite a bit if I was in the customer's shoes... and besides that, we lose the Paypal fee each time we have to refund the customer. Not ideal at all as our invoices are ALWAYS featuring products that expire on the same day.