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Automation Status and Cron Email

Neutrall shared this idea 10 months ago
Under Consideration

We would

need the item in the cron job email to be clickable.

EX: If I

receive a 2 Overdue Terminations, I would like to be able to click on the

number “2” and see whish account was terminated.

The same

should be applicable with the automation status page. Currently, when I click

on the “X Failed” on the Overdue Suspensions; I get redirected to an empty

page. I would also like to be able to click on the big blue number of any box

for more detail. EX, if I click on the “X Closed” in the “Inactive Tickets”

box, I should be able to see the closed ticket from that cron job.

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Im missing the list of suspended/terminated accounts on my email this since the upgrade to 7.x, hope they implement this