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Automatic zero-rate domains ordered separately from a product that offers the domain free

Websavers shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

If the following is true during a domain order, WHMCS should automatically set the domain price to $0:

  • The client is logged in
  • The client has an active product that offers a free domain (and is on a billing cycle that allows for it)

  • The active product's primary domain / associated domain matches the domain name being ordered
  • The domain being ordered is in the list of freedomaintlds associated with the product

  • If the "free domain" config for the active product specifies 'free renewal' as well, then the renewal price should also be set to $0

This is most likely to occur with domain transfers, but it's also possible someone could order a hosting plan and not realize they need to register the domain as well, so this should apply for registrations also.

It's actually quite common that we have clients that wish to take advantage of the free domain *after* they've signed up for hosting. We always need to set up this order manually with manual pricing overrides, but it would be great if the client could sign in, order the domain, and (because they have a hosting plan that specifies they get a free domain, under the right conditions described above) their domain would be automatically zero-rated during the order.

I've tried to implement this functionality myself via hook code, but unfortunately the OrderDomainPricingOverride hook does not allow us to specify recurring domain pricing at this time.