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Automatic provisioning queue (tasks)

Driss shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration


I think WHMCS really needs an automatic provisioning queue system.

Imagine a client orders a 100 domains, each domain creation takes around 2 secondes (yes some EPP servers are slow because of latency) so it takes up to 200 seconds to create all these domains..

So when this clients pays his invoice, the automatic provisioning kicks in and he has to wait for 200 seconds and most of the time clients just leave or refresh the page wich leads a serious problem, now some domains has been created and others not, and there is no error since the request has just been "killed"..

This problem also occurs with some payment gateways who have a set timeout in their callback, so they won't wait the 200 seconds waiting a response for the callback and again, the request is killed..

The solution would be to manage automation with a queue system.. When the clients pays his invoices, the 100 domains are added to the queue for creation, then a cron handles these tasks on our server and the client doesn't have to wait.

I hope you consider this feature request for next versions of WHMCS