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Automatic Product/Service Upgrade/Downgrade without first requiring payment

Andrew Martin shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

Currently when a customer upgrades a product/service the automatic module upgrade only takes effect once the customer has paid the related upgrade invoice.

What is needed is an optional settings so that the automatic module upgrade takes effect immediately after the customer has placed the order, even if they have not paid the invoice yet.

The reason that this is a problem is because many customers are on Debit Order which is run in monthly batches so their upgrade does not take effect until the next debit order batch, and upgrades are usually time very sensitive ...

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Thanks for taking the time to supply your suggestion.

WHMCS does not support debit billing as standard, so I'd be intereted to learn more about the custom soltion you have in place, and the benefits you'd see for the feature for users without such a custom implementation?


Hi, I do have the same problem with upgrades form our customers. Even if you use "cache in advance" or "purchase on account" and no "SEPA debit" you will get problems with "canceled upgrades" because the upgrades are not activated at this payment methods, when the next due date is reached.

So all product upgrades are just cancled because many payment methods needs a couple days to get paid.

And this is why we need to have the ability to choose for example on which payment methods the upgrade orders are automaticaly activated. Or even the ability to manually activate a product upgrade, without having to set the payment to the upgrade invoice.



I agree with that. We have a lot of customers who pay by invoice or bank transfer, and because they have a payment period on the bill, they sometimes do not understand this procedure.