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Automated (non human) upgrade of product

RogerW shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

Scenario: We can set the "Recurring Cycles Limit" to 24 (for example), in the Pricing setup of the product/service. The customer agrees to a terms of service where there is a penalty if they cancel within the (example) 24 months. Therefore, in 24 months the "penalty" period ends. We want the customer to continue month-to-month at this point - Not for WHMCS to terminate or suspend.

Suggested feature: After the 24 (or whatever number of recurring payments was input in the product/service setup), and all the recurring payments have finally been completed over time, the service would automatically upgrade to another product (the "no contract" month-to-month service, (which in this case would be configured to be the same monthly price), that would be targeted as the "automatically upgrade to product/service after recurring payments number is reached". Of course, it could be left to terminate (termination is currently available in WHMCS). The "upgrade" in this case is automated with no human intervention (and of course as is currently available in WHMCS, the customer can still cancel the upgraded service/product).

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Another simple way to put this... After a set number of invoices are created over time (whatever was input for "Recurring Cycles Limit"), then that product upgrades to whatever the target upgraded product is. The "target upgrade product" would also be selected/configured (just like the number of "Recurring Cycles Limit" was selected). I think that's the easiest implementation?