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Auto-Renew only domains and Sync Due Date feature

Chris R shared this idea 11 months ago
Under Consideration

The issue we have right now, is that certain ccTLD domains that have a renew-by or delete-by date is usually 7-10 days before the "expire" date. The expiry sync cron in WHMCS https://docs.whmcs.com/Domain_Synchronisation causes "Auto-Renew" only domains (de/fr/etc) to set themselves back to the domain expiration date, and not the "Renew" or "Delete" by dates. Meaning we have to manually charge customers well in advance manually, and this causes a bottleneck or in some cases, redemption fees when we can't catch them in time to charge.

We require a solution for the auto-renew/delete-by domains to be able to work with WHMCS "Renewal Date" system properly, in order to charge in advance for domains like these and have it possibly turn on auto-renew at eNom if successfully charged.

The initial solution is to set the "Sync Next Due Date" ahead, however this will affect non-cctld's that accept a simple renew command at the registrar.