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API GetTicketStats

Daniel P shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

I personally highly depend on the WHMCS API for our day to day activity.

However, I've noticed some functionality in WHMCS which I'd like access to via the API. This functionality relates the the Support Overview screen in WHMCS.

I'd like to make an API call such as the following:

$postfields["action"] = "getticketstats";

Then receive the following in return: result - success, tickets_new_today, tickets_customerreplies_today, tickets_staffreplies_today, tickets_noreply_today, averagefirstresponse_today, tickets_new_yesterday, tickets_customerreplies_yesterday, tickets_staffreplies_yesterday, tickets_noreply_yesterday, averagefirstresponse_yesterday

This would continue on for all the available (time period) options on the Support Overview...