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Allow Viewer Timezone Preferences in the Calendar

epretorious shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

AFAICT: Calendar events are currently stored using the system's timezone but converted to the staff member's localtime when placed on the calendar for viewing. (The first attached screenshot illustrates that the event is displayed using the client's localtime [i.e., GMT -8:00] though the details are stored using the system's localtime [i.e., GMT]. The second attached screenshot illustrates that all-day events are displayed incorrect because of the timezone conversion.)

I believe that it would be much more useful for geographically-distributed organizations to make the calendar display work consistently by...

  1. allowing staff members to configure their individual localtime timezones;
  2. allowing staff members to create events using their configured localtime or using GMT;
  3. automatically converting all events to GMT when storing event information; and
  4. converting calendar events to [staff members'] localtime when displaying the calendar.

Eric Pretorious

Technical Operations Manager