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Allow Service Filter By Configurable Options

SimplyDigitalHosting shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

We use configurable options extensively to streamline ordering as well as custom in-house developed code. What is lacking and seriously hampering finding active services, is filtering by configurable options.

Example is having a location drop down on order. If I want to find everyone in our UK or just US server locations, I should not need to go into the database and do a RAW DB query with possible complex joins. I should just be able to select from the services page.

If I want to filter by a value range I should be able to do that. All the configurable options could be included when a product is selected.

The only workaround is using a custom field as well and keeping them in sync, which really should not be needed!

Thanks for reading!

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very urgently need a way to display clients who have a selected configurable option