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Allow Saving of Credit Card Details to Authorize.net CIM Remote Capture via API

Alexander Joseph shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

Using Authorize.net CIM as our gateway, saving credit card details via the Administrator UI allows the details to be saved securely in the remote gateway and referenced by a token.

However, when using the API, there are multiple problems:

- the issuenumber property is required or the request to save credit card details fail. It is not noted anywhere that this is required, and I believe the behavior to be in error.

- when supplying supplemental fields as empty strings, the CC details are saved to the local database -- but never saved to the remote gateway. Via the Admin UI, we can use the encryption token to view the Credit Card details and then re-add them to the Client Profile (which successfully saves them to the Authorize.net CIM remote gateway).

Not sure when this functionality broke -- but it's imperative for us to be able to save the CC details directly to the CIM so that we can immediately attempt to capture payment.

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The current Authorize.net CIM module all it does is allows the admin to save the credit card on Authoize.net server instead of the our own. Even though this makes it more secure it does NOT take advantage of all of the great features their CIM offers.

The most important feature is to allow the client to be able to save and manage different cards, bank accounts and addresses in the same WHMCS account. This is what is missing from the current module. Please expand the functionality. It should function identically to this woo plugin: http://www.woothemes.com/products/authorize-net-cim/