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allow overdue notices to be sent before due date

WHMCS Chance shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

Would like to have the notices/overdue notices to have the option to set before/after similar to the domain renewal notices so that you can set your invoice notices to all be sent before the due date.

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This is of great importance, specially if you need to configure reminders for prepaid services.

Maybe instead of being 1 invoice reminder and 3 overdue notices, there could be 4 notices that can be configured as needed to be sent before or after, if you type a negative number like -4 that means 4 days before the due date and if you put 4 then that means 4 days after the due date and if you put 0 that would mean ON the due date, so there would have to be another number or letter used to disable it.

Thank you,

Jesus Orozco


We need a notification that send coming overdue list to staffs and admins .

So staffs can warn , this will be useful for dedicated servers and vps suspension and termination due to because of overdue