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Allow Hooks to have an overrides folder or hooks_override.php

Michael Foland shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

Logically, if one were to use the Auto Updater for WHMCS (for the sake of ease), it overwrites all of your custom work, UNLESS you make overrides via _overrides or an overrides folder. With Hooks (especially for the Licensing Addon), this is not possible.

I'm making a move to post this request, as personally I work with the Licensing Module, and store pertinent versioning information for software my team makes. Let's all vote and get WHMCS to fix this, and allow hooks.php to also have a hooks_overrides.php or overrides folder!

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Hi there,

Thanks for your suggestion.

Custom files in the /includes/hooks directory won't be overwritten by the auto-updater.

Can you please itemize which files you are finding overwritten by the update process?


Hey John,

I am working on stuff with the license addon in servers/licensing since I’m doing versioning in my license products. Thanks so much for your help, and having an amazing product!!



Will this work with /modules/servers/licensing ? I'm trying to make a hook for the licensing addon for versioning.