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Allow ClientAreaAllowedFunctions to run when domain is not Active

Websavers shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

I'm attempting to implement custom functions in a registrar module to support complete client-side automation when handing domain transfers. However because the domain status is not "Active" (it is "Pending Transfer"), any custom functions allowed within the registrar_ClientAreaAllowedFunctions function do not run.

The goal here is to implement functions like:

- Resubmit Transfer (if it fails)

- Resend Transfer Verification Email

- Send new EPP code (when the original was not valid)

The registrar this module is for supports all of this via API, but we can't do any of it from the Client Area because of the above noted limitation. The request is to allow ClientAreaAllowedFunctions to run when the domain is in status "Pending Transfer".