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Affiliate System - minor improvements

Edith Karnitsch shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration

We use the affiliate system and overall it's working okay, below a few daily niggles which would be great to get resolved:

1. Integrate affiliates into email templates and mass mailout options. Currently it's not possible to create new email templates for affiliates and there's no mass mail option for affiliates.

2. Improve the generic settings for affiliate payouts. Currently it only allows a %, all other settings are on a per product basis. Adding a flat payout per sale into the generic settings would make managing the scheme easier.

3. The "commission" column in Affiliates > Referred Sign ups is based on the current affiliate settings, not the actual earned historic commission. Either remove or modify to show actual earned commission.

4. Allow sorting of affiliates by "referrals"

Thank you for considering this idea! Edith

Comments (2)


I was just talking to support about this. I would also like to personalize a affiliate email when they sign up to be one and even have the system send it out at some point.


Your first point is something we've raised in the past as well. It'd be very useful to be able to mass mail all active affiliates.