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affiliate multiple currencies

Tres Cunningham shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration


If you are like us and offer multiple languages on your website and have customers from multiple countries, then you have run into the very troublesome problem where WHMCS cannot differentiate an affiliate by the currency they signed up with/use in their country. For example:

We have both Japanese and English-speaking users and so set up Google and Amazon checkout payment gateways on our website. However, we had to take those payment gateways out because of the following:


We have only one product. It is set by default in Japanese yen- 600 yen, 3200 yen

and 6000 yen depending on plan/term. and our default country is set for

Japan since this is our main market.

- in relation to credit in WHMCS, our Credit minimum/maximum/balances are set at

300.00/10000.00/10000.00 (we intend this to mean, 300 yen, 10,000 yen

and 10,000 yen)

If I view the billing/addfunds in our client area - while logged in as a

user that signed up while using the default yen currency, it shows the

above as we want them to show which is: 300 yen, 10,000 yen and 10,000

yen so that is okay.

But if I view the above while logged in as a user that signed up while

using USDollar's, it shows the above as: $300, $10,000 and $10,000.

The affiliate program within WHMCS works in the same way, and so if a user/affiliate signed up while the currency selector was set for US dollars, our payout will be in dollar denominations, so although the 25% commission for a 600 Jap. yen (abour $7.00 US)should come out to 150 Jap. yen (about $2.00), in the affiliate's account it shows $150.00US. as WHMCS cannot recalculate the commission based on the user's sign-up currency.

So, for us, we had to actually remove the currency selector from our checkout area and also take out the Amazon and Google payment gateways, so we are losing a lot of potential affiliates AND customers because we can ONLY offer Japanese yen as currency in the checkout area and for affiliate payout system

If you think this is even a potential problem for your multilingual or multicultural website or business, pleas vote for this feature.



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I am currently facing the same issue.