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Admin Can mass delete Terminated Services, invoices and clients that have not services or are active

tuwebhost shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration

From the Admin Area, the admin can delete the terminated services in all accounts where are terminated services.

The admin can deleted invoices of terminate services but not one by one but mass deletion.

the admin can delete all client accounts that are not active and have not services active, if this happen then if the client account has terminate services then delete the account and terminated services with in that account. This is a mass delete feature too.

thanks so much.

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I can't wait to see functionality in Whmcs


Too bad that this still not in WHMCS.


+1 from me, Please WHMCS team add this ;)

It would be a really useful. Please add it in next update. Will immediately upgrade to latest once it will be added. I need to terminate lots of products.