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Add support for 'free' transfer tlds without renewal

WeDevelopCoffee shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

With .nl transfers it is free to transfer the domains. However, this creates in some cases problems as shown in the following scenario:

  1. The domain expires on 31 December 2017
  2. The domain is transferred and the transfer completes on 27 December 2017. The transfer is free, so no renewal is included.
  3. The client has to pay a renewal invoice before 31 December 2017 (which is generated within 24 hours after completion of the transfer).

The problem is that the client has too little time to renew his domain. It would be better to include the renewal if the domain expires within 30 days from ordering the transfer.

Including the renewal fee in the transfer fee is not an option: With .nl domains you can only renew up to one month in advanced. If the domain is being transferred now but expires on 30 June 2017, then it can not get renewed but the client does pay for the transfer.

Please note that this not only applies on .nl but on a big list (so far I have compiled a list of 210 tlds) and is a major issue.

According to the WHMCS staff I needed to create a feature request, so here we go. Their suggestion is this:

However I can see how perhaps extending the newer Domain Lookup provider functionality (which uses registrar APIs and can be more reliable for purposes such as this) could be useful.