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Add "Show on Service List" option for product custom fields.

Shaun Reitan shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

Similar to the 'Show on Invoice' customfield option for a product I would like to see a option that displays the custom field on the service list for both the client and admin area. So if this option is checked, the customfields would be shown below each product. Examples attached.

When "Admin Only" and "Show on Service List" are toggled together, the custom fields would only be displayed in the AdminArea.

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I would like that. Having for example multiple licenses with licensing addon - or any other "Other" product

having a custom field like "Name" , "hostname" or "ip" should be useful to search for licenses in customer's product list.

Also from admin panel, for shared hosting or servers it's easy just to search for the domain and get the result.

For licenses or any "Other" product it's a pain...