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Add reason for hosting cancellation on Cancellation Request Confirmation emails

ScottN shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration

When a customer requests cancellation of their hosting service, they are allowed to enter in a reason. The Admin is sent this reason in the Admin notification of the cancellation, but the Customer does NOT receive this reason in their email confirmation of their cancellation.

I think this is important to document... as long as we are sending a confirmation via email to the customer to let them know which product is being cancelled, under what domain, and when to cancel, we should include the "reason" for the cancellation, as it was entered.

The Admin notification has this variable (merge field)

Cancellation Reason: {$service_cancellation_reason}

When I try to add that to the "Cancellation Request Confirmation", it comes up empty.

Can you make this variable / merge field work for the customer notification?

Thanks for listening.

- Scott