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Add option for "return to ticket list" to be unchecked by default on a per account basis.

Keith shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

Please add an option for a user to set their "return to ticket list" default to off.

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+1 !

The current default is not the best solution. Should really be changeable.



I'm testing version 6.3 RC1 and I see that you change the way to choose what will happen after clicking on "add response".

Now there is a separate place to check if you want to return to the ticket list or not (see Capture.PNG) - but still no way to set the default setting.

Can you please add such setting in the upcoming 6.3 version?

In the current version I edited the viewticket.tpl to change the default to remain in the ticket after replying - but in the new version 6.3 I see no way to do it.

Any way editing the viewticket.tpl is not the best way to set such a default setting.

Please add such a way.



Yes, I need to be able to "set to in progress" as default reply status for tickets... using the blend template, the code is different from 5.1 now, where you used to be able to modify the default status.

So -- give us a way to modify or set default status please


I really need this - but would prefer a slightly different default of " Set to In Progress and Return..."

So - give us the chance to set a default please..... it seems there is currently no way to do this in the code.