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Add Log Entry when Quote Converted to Invoice

seanie248 shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

I have a small request that hopefully could be added to the next version update.

Currently when a Quote is converted to an Invoice, it doesnt make any entry for that specific action in the Activity Log, it will just show that a quote was modified and then that an invoice was emailed.

Could you add it in that a specific log is created when a quote is converted to an invoice?

The reason for this is related to a Report we have created for showing Sales figures by staff. We are using the info in the Activity log as the main source to create the report and the one area that is causing an issue is including quotes converted to invoices.

A specific log entry would solve this for us, showing the quote number and invoice number ideally. Something like :

"Quote Converted to Invoice Quote ID: 334 Invoice ID: 18567"