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Add hosting for 10 years like a domain

Ramiz Syed shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

WHMCS Should have ability to add hosting up to 10 years like a domain

user should have option to add hosting package as they want to sell from 1 month to 10 years

as like having the domain registration up to 10 years.

at present this feature is not available and we have to do manually hosting for 10 years

many users looking domain and hosting for 10 years.

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duh! why is one two and three years hard coded into your system?

This is the worst part of your system. I should be able to sell hosting for 50 years if I want to. Why stop at 3????!!!!


You can do it but it is all manually done and then when it is renewal time - very hard to track!


Hello Blade,

How can i do, have you try it or you have any blot, tutorial link please share with us.

Please guide me in where i have to change.


this is needed


It is!!!

If you generate an order without sending emails you can update it to 10 years afterwards, but this does not work with renewals.

whmcs PLEASE give us up to 10 years renewal on hosting. It's just good business having this.

Kind regards,