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Add Hook to Override Configurable Options Upgrade Price

Max .K shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

When a customer wants to upgrade their service configurable options the price is automatically prorated, and we need to change this price.

So please can you add a hook to allow us to override the price of the service configurable options upgrade ?

Kind Regards

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This would be a great addition. To be able to allow configurable pricing for base price and units on a per-customer basis would allow fully customisable deals for customers. A price override on the service page for cofigurable options similar to how you can override a service's pricing on a per-customer basis

Another option would be to have Pricing slabs (like in domains) or to set discounted prices based on quantity level. For example, for something like additional email accounts, you might charge £5 for 0-10, £4 for 10-20 and £3 for 20+


I've requested the same feature more than 3 years ago here. The feature is "Under Consideration" for nearly the same time and now got "archived" as too old - just to show the chance of being implemented.