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Option to Disable TinyMCE Rich Text Editor

Michael Koontz shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration


Currently, when you click on the grey box that says "Enable/Disable Rich-Text Editor", it only disables TinyMCE at that time for that article. Upon opening another article TinyMCE is enabled again.

Use case example:

Currently TinyMCE does not support the <i> tags used by FontAwesome. Even if you use the "Source Code" to enter the html for the FontAwesome icons, TinyMCE strips them out once the article is saved.

So in order to add FontAwesome icons to Knowledgebase articles you have to disable TinyMCE and save the article.

However, the problem is that once you re-open the article, TinyMCE will automatically strip the <i> tags and their content from the article. So any html code associated with the FontAwesome icons would be lost.

There should be a way to disable TinyMCE so that it stays disabled until it is enabled again. This would allow for easier editing of articles that need to be saved this way.

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Hi there,

Thanks for your suggestion. As an immediate solution, the /assets/js/tinymce directory can be renamed or removed to disable the rich text editor.

It will remain a raw-HTML editor until the directory is restored or appying a new WHMCS feature release.


+1 for this.


I wanted something cleaner than what John suggested. So here's a nice snippet that disables TinyMCE on email template editing pages. Just add it to your admin template's header.tpl file, right above </head>. This removes class, so TinyMCE never initiates.

    {if $filename eq "configemailtemplates"}