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accounting addons needed

Khaled Mohaissen shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration


Actually for me i really need such an feature and i believe that some other would really love to have such thing.

For example

we do rent servers from other data center , from our data center , we have company bills etc..

It would be great instead of calculating our income then go to another website to put our expenses to get the net profit , then it would be great WHMCS will have more powerful system which we could include for categories to have it as expense .

-Rental Servers

- Office expenses

- bills


and then it would be great also to have feature which can be include each service for example

I have domain from enom for 9$ i resell it for 15$ , WHMCS current show you income of 15$ which is totally wrong our income ( profit ) is only 6$ , so also having an option in each product called for example ( product price - or initial price ) and then in reports you will find what you really got paid and what you did pay and what is the real status of your accounting .

I know this might be hard work , but such features could get WHMCS way beyond any other softwares .

Hope to see other responses and suggestions from WHMCS users :)


Khaled Mohaissen