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Accounting addon

Ash Scott shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

As a hosting provider who uses WHMCS for automating the setup of hosting services, I would like to request an addon or a stand alone product which can be integrated into WHMCS. The product is simply an accounting addon where you can do things like:

- Add budgets (examples below)

- Server Costs

- Licensing

- Expenses

- Wages

- Income (Already included)

- Book keeping

- VAT Returns

And all other accountancy related tasks. There's too much to list but you should get the idea. I'd rather have everything in one place as I'm sure other WHMCS users would.

Ideally, the addon would be able to pull all the transactions for a given time period defined by the user, work out how much income has been made, take away the cost to the company of things like services, expenses, to show an overall profit which can be submitted for annual reports to HMRC as well as for submitting ta returns etc.