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About tying renewal of Domain and Hosting together

IKEDZ IKENNA shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration

Hi WHMCS Team and everyone,

Please I need solutions on how to tie domain and hosting renewal together, My clients are always renewing only domain name because hosting is not tied with the domain name and I will have to create invoice separately for them each time they request. I really need a button for renewal of domain name and hosting tied together and not individually.

Secondly, I am looking for how to tie registration of domain name with hosting just like when you order for new hosting you are automatically taken to "Product configuration page" where you register your domain name, I also want when a client search for a domain name, if domain name is available he will be automatically forced to go to a page where he will choose a hosting Plan.

I will be grateful if my requests are considered and worked on. Thanks so much

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