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Ability to search on partial Transaction IDs on the Transaction List screen

Peter (Web Bid Digital) shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

The 'Transaction ID' filter on the 'Billing' -> 'Transactions List' screen currently does not allow a partial match, this renders it useless when searching for a transaction where the ID is only partially known.

For example, for a transaction with id: "Transfer from CBA NetBank; INV100238", searching for the term "INV100238" using the 'Transaction ID' filter shows no results, however searching for the entire transaction ID shows the transaction (but this is useless for transactions with this type of ID).

This may also be useful for payment gateways which use a sequential numeric transaction ID. For example, for a transaction with ID: "12345678", you may want to find all transactions within a certain sequence, such as "123456" this would return all transactions within the range 12345600 - 12345699.

Steps to reproduce1. Visit the 'Billing' -> 'Transactions List' screen.2. Click the 'Search/Filter' button to expand the filters.3. Enter a partial transaction ID in the 'Transaction ID' box.4. Click the 'Search/Filter' submit button.

Desired Result

Transactions with a partial ID match should be displayed in search results, similarly to how the 'Description' field allows a partial match.