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Ability to generate product links with pre-configured configurable options more conveniently

Mike Q shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

Currently, in order to create a direct shopping cart link for a pre-configured product that has configurable options, one has to dig into the source code of the page, and grab the configoption[x]=x values for each option to pre-configure, then manually append it to the link before finally sending it to the customer.

As you can see, this process can become very tedious for someone who sells lots of custom products and business models that rely on many custom quotes — while it is possible to use the "quote" feature to add a product with options pre-configured more conveniently, sending the cart link directly has many extra benefits, such as allowing the customer to change options, review options in a more friendly format, and make a purchase right on the spot.

Would WHMCS please consider adding a button on the product admin section to generate links with pre-configured options? This should be a relatively easy feature to implement that will save a lot of time for those who need it.