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Ability to edit System Email Templates

LG Hoster shared this idea 11 months ago
Under Consideration

I would like to request the ability to change/modify templates of System Emails like

WHMCS Domain Synchronisation Cron Report

WHMCS Automatic Setup Failed

WHMCS Automatic Setup Successful

WHMCS Cron Job Activity

These emails are really important for admins. These emails are actually landing in SPAM folder in Gmail with the reason "It is similar to messages that were identified as spam in the past."

I do not think that the server is at fault ( like IP Blacklisting or something ) in this case because all other emails are landing in Inbox just the default System emails are not. Having the ability to modify the template will make them land in Inbox without triggering the gmail's spam filter.

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It would be really useful to remove the "This notification was automatically generated by WHMCS" section of admin emails as if we're replying to a ticket via email (rather than the portal) the customer will see this in the ticket timeline. If the app was a bit better and push notifications were used it probably wouldn't be so much of an issue.


The email piping routine will attempt to automatically strip quoted messages from emails. If it's not catching the quoted text break line your staff are using, it can be added as a new row to tblticketbreaklines.