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Ability to disable/pause a specific domain TLD feature

netx shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

Currently there is no option to disable/pause a specific domain TLD in either Admin Setup/Domain Pricing or in Addons/Bulk Pricing Updater/Domains module. Current WHMCS option only allows to either Add, Modify, Duplicate or Delete a specific Domain/TLD.

Many times though I found a need to pause/disable a specific TLD so it's not available for a client to search or purchase a specific TLD from my store (for a some time) i.e. until a registrar issue is resolved -- so only option is for me now is to delete that specific TLD to stop showing up in WHMCS for my client is he/she is TLD domain searching and shopping for.

This new ability to disable/pause a specific domain TLD feature in WHMCS Admin would help to save time when deleting and needing to setup that domain TLD time again afterwards --- but instead with new feature just be able to disable/pause a specific domain TLD. This especially this would be added value and time saver benefit for administrators when you need to do this all over again for tens or even hundreds of TLDs.

Thank you.