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Ability to Disable Announcements System

netx shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

With a growing use of third-party software to replace WHMCS Announcements feature with a Blog capable software such as WordPress ,etc.

It makes sense now to add a new ability for Admin to disable/enable 'Announcements' feature via Admin > Setup > General Settings.

This feature would greatly help an administrator to no longer need to write custom hooks to remove 'Announcements' from the WHMCS menus nor need to remove/make unreadable 'announcements.php' file every WHMCS upgrade takes place that's necessary to keep WHMCS house totally cleaned-up from any possible access of 'Announcements' page.

Thank you for considering this new feature.

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Hello, any update on this? Thanks


I think this needs better worded in a sense to include the option to change the location of where your announcements are hosted, so that if they are in WordPress or something, then you could link them, and import them. That would be an interesting update to WHMCS for sure.