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A record WHMCS client area logins, along with IP address, and login date & time

Galynet shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

This functionality would solve problems like these:

  • A customer who says that when he accessed to his customer area there was no renewal notice, but in reality he never accessed his client area.

  • This has happened to us: a client lost a domain because he says he did not receive the renewal notice email. We tell him that he could have entered the customer area to check the expiration dates. He tells us that he enters every week in his client area and that he did not see any notice or invoice. We are sure that this is not true, that he did not enter, but we can not prove it.


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It may even be

interesting for security reasons: a client can request a list of all IP

addresses that have logged into their WHMCS account - for example,

suspecting possible intrusions - and there is currently no way to

provide that information.

Thank you for consideration


+1 here

Already available through plugin, but should be native to any software managing client financial data. Surprised this is not already the case (WHMCS also natively records last login; vastly insufficient)