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A default language overrides file

tkalfaoglu shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

PS: I had this as PRIVATE, but I thought it would make sense as PUBLIC. So I am re-posting it after 4 years!!

The lang/overrides folder is a great idea.

I'd like to suggest a small upgrade to it: lang/overrides/default.php file.

Here is the rationale: I have created a turkish.php in the overrides folder; it mainly consists of stuff that is shown in menus.. Likewise I also created an english.php at the same folder in case someone selects English instead; I just translated what I had in overrides/turkish.php.

It occurred to me that if someone selects any other language from my main menu, they cannot use my site, because I cannot create an override file for every language your product supports.

A lang/overrides/default.php would prevent this.. The system would look for that file if the lang/overrides/<language>.php does not exist.

If it finds it, it uses it as usual.. Right now, if I select, say, Czech from my language menu, I cannot use the system.

My rationale is that most people speak SOME english, therefore, a default.php would make sense - it would show some of the stuff in English, but oh well! Better than not showing anything..

Many thanks, -turgut