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2checkout recurring payment with multiple currencies

WHMCS Chance shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

Outside of using the 'Convert To' option when using multiple currencies on a payment gateway, Client would like that when sending recurring payments that it will handle whichever currency the client checked out with.

EG; You have 3 currencies, USD/INR/GBP and instead of converting over to a specific default currency, we should send whatever currency is used to checkout in through to create the subscription.

Caveat: I think this might be a limitation to the API for 2CO as I know it currently sets the currency based on IP reference.

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In current whmcs system, the above idea is working absolutely fine when try to make payment via ONE OFF PAYMENT option. And when choose the SUBSCRIPTION option, whmcs sent wrong parameters to 2checkout. I need you to fix it immediately.

When i enable "Convert To" option, both One Off Payment and Subscription modules works fine. But i don't need "Convert To" option. I have disabled it. In this case, SUBSCRIPTION option in multiple currencies is malfunctioning as said above.

I need to implement this as i have my portal for USD and subdomains for each extra currency. And i have to implement more currencies on more sub domains. So it should be fixed.

Please help, its critical for my business.