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2checkout - block recurring payments on due invoices

Toki shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

If you are using 2checkout, please read this in detail, because it probably affects you. If yes, please vote and comment. Its an optional feature, so if you like how it works now, this feature here would be optional. I actually think this is how it should work but WHMCS does not think it should.

Well, it seems WHMCS team says this is not a bug, but intentional. What exactly? Take a look:

Please read here first where its explained with more detail:


This request is open, so others can suggest their ideas. Personally I think this should not work like it does right now. Imagine this scenario:

A hosting plan is set to be due on 5 each month. Suspended on the 7.

You force subscriptions and are using 2checkout. The customers get suspended on the 7 and he pays on the 10. WHMCS creates a subscription for him that will bill now on the 10 of each month.

Next month, customer is suspended again on the 5 and on the 10 unsuspended because that is when he is billed. This will happen every month because his billing is past the due date !!!

Now in most cases what will happen is this. The customers will pay on the 7 to avoid suspension and now on the 10 he is billed again. Double !!!

So you would need to change the recurring to the 10 to match the billing (if someone finds out, he will always pay late to keep pushing his billing date forward) or you will need to cancel the subscription. For customers paying late, this means you he is constantly creating a late subscription billing and you are always cancel it. Every single month...

What a mess !!!

In PayPal it works fine. In PayPal when the due date is past, PayPal only allows for one time payment, and does not allow the customer to create a subscription payment.

With 2checkout, WHMCS says it works like this on purpose because some people want it like that. Not sure in which case you would desire that but anyway...

If this is true, I would like WHMCS to implement an option under 2checkout with a checkbox that avoids subscription payment when the invoice is due. When the invoice is due, the payment should be a one time payment only, not a subscription. It works in PayPal, it does not work with 2checkout, WHMCS still shows a subscription button.

The current behavior is causing billing problems.