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Change Text editor

I suggest upgrading or replacing the current text editor.
The current text editor lacks many features, so I suggest upgrade or replace it with another more advanced text editor.
Merged Ideas
    Add design elements to the KB wyswyg editor to increase exponentially the productivity
    If you use to write KB articles and know the KB script phpkb ( you know what im talking, they have, probably a custom made plugin for the editor which increase the productivity a lot. A button that called Design Elements. You simply click in icon in the editor and you have a lot of options, just a click and a formatted "tips" block, "alert" block is inserted. This is a "must" in a KB section. You do not have to start using html and css to put a simply square with a bg colour or a fontawesome icon to create a Alert, tip or any other block while writing an article, tis is done with a simply click.I just attached some screenshots from the phpkb editor area so you know what im talking, you can also check from the phpkb website in the user demo.Thank you!


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