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Set different pricing based on payment gateway

  • Yash Patel shared this idea 11 years ago
  • Payments/Billing

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For eg. Keep default for libertyreserve, however if the customer buys from moneybookers, they need to pay additional 5%, additional 4% via bitcoins and so on..

This will allow us to charge differently based on fees charged to merchants by payment gateways.

Thank you


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Yes please, Australia has had this law for years, big companies already pass it on.
Update on the legality of doing this in the USA. Just heard a story this morning that a new law went into affect that makes credit card companies allow their clients to pass credit card fees on to their customers. This is state-by-state though so not all place can do this. For instance, I am in Colorado and this will not be enacted here... yet.
This should actually be in there already. A lot of people are asking for this since a long long time. I can't think of any reason of not fullfill this request.
YES PLEASE.... this is a feature we have been asking for since the end of 2007.... &
You can see that people in a lot of countries would appreciate this option and definetly here in Australia, by law, we are able to charge a fee to re-coop the cost of providing different payment options, (see Nitro's good description post #1 of our requirements & "the Wolf's" comments in post #25 of the first link)
I like this idea, but I think some payment gateways (like Paypal) do not allow this in their TOS. Still, the credit card fees are getting crazy. Would be nice to let the client decide how much they want to pay to the processors.
Thank you guys for backing up my request, please ask your friends/family to also show their support to get this feature implemented ASAP

yes it will Be GREAT if you make us able to add fees on specific gateways .

please include that in next version .
Also the opposite, discount of 5% for using bank transfer or check!