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Set different pricing based on payment gateway

  • Yash Patel shared this idea 11 years ago
  • Payments/Billing

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For eg. Keep default for libertyreserve, however if the customer buys from moneybookers, they need to pay additional 5%, additional 4% via bitcoins and so on..

This will allow us to charge differently based on fees charged to merchants by payment gateways.

Thank you


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Pretty sure this is the same request as found here:

Should they not be merged @whmcs?
There aren't a lot of working modules for this, I only found one. Please add this to WHMCS by default.
I need it.
We are no longer using PayPal because they did the last thing a payment processor should ever do.
The current open source version is not compatible with 8.6.1 and PHP 8.1.

Hi - there is a free plugin for similar thing - not exactly what you need, nut might help in the meanwhile!
This is a great idea. The commissions on some payment gateways are eating our margins. It would be great to be able to set a % increase or a fixed fee for certain payment methods, agreed.
Hi - I have one client who only pays with cheque (it's a charitable trust) - however my bank insists on charging me a bank fee of $4 for any cheque. I have carried the fee for 2 yrs, but now I am wanting to pass on to the client (to help 'encourage' them to move to online banking). What is the best way to add this $4 fee to each service they are billed automatically for (e.g. domain renewal, hosting, etc?)
I need it too :/
And if you add the fees in all prices it is not fair for those who pay with methods that does not have fees...
What fact? The fact is that banks charge the fees if you are saying that good companies hide the fees in higher prices to the customer say that "Fact" cause i don't believe good companies grow buy losing money? How do yo hide the fees and thi fact to your customers Vincent? Because i believe a good company is transparent in costs and tells customers what they are paying for..

Not really, at least in my country many companies do it, even the big ones.

For example, if I want to buy a ticket I will be extra taxed depending on the payment method (paypal, credit card, ...) and it makes sense. If you sell a product at a price why should you sell it cheaper only because the client want to pay with a specific method with extra costs?
It is a nice idea, but I've always been behind the fact that a good company needs to take on these fees and just swallow them.
This is great idea.
Still under construction?
Nathan Hilton wrote:Personally I would never purchase with a company that made me pay a fee to use a payment gateway, specially if that gateway fee is for the organisation.
If someone charged me an extra 3.4% + 20p (UK) to use the PayPal gateway on their site, I would simply leave and they would loose a customer.
I would only agree with a gateway fee if it was to add funds to my account (E.g. I would get the NET amount) - similar to what ResellerClub does.

We only offer the possibility in our module, if the WHMCS owner uses this feature it's their choice. You can simply disable the feature in our module if you do not wish to use that option.

All transaction costs will be updated in your WHMCS no matter what. So your accountant can see what the actual costs are per payment.

But for Paysafecard option we understand this option because the price for each transaction is 15% over the total amount. You can disable this in your Mollie account if you don't want to use the Paysafecard option. It's in their own hands to set the module as they wish.