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Set different pricing based on payment gateway

  • Yash Patel shared this idea 10 years ago
  • Payments/Billing

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For eg. Keep default for libertyreserve, however if the customer buys from moneybookers, they need to pay additional 5%, additional 4% via bitcoins and so on..

This will allow us to charge differently based on fees charged to merchants by payment gateways.

Thank you


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Personally I would never purchase with a company that made me pay a fee to use a payment gateway, specially if that gateway fee is for the organisation.
If someone charged me an extra 3.4% + 20p (UK) to use the PayPal gateway on their site, I would simply leave and they would loose a customer.
I would only agree with a gateway fee if it was to add funds to my account (E.g. I would get the NET amount) - similar to what ResellerClub does.
What about discount for bank transfer instead of surcharge for paypal/cc?
Thanks for your feedback on this point so far guys.

This would be a tricky one, for example charging a surcharge is explicitly against PayPal's User Agreement:

And for credit card surcharges you'd need to notify Visa and your acquirer:
With our Mollie gateway you can set this yourself, tax based or no tax required. Also supports if your customers should pay the fee per method provided by Mollie.

Currently supports:
1) iDEAL
2) Creditcard
3) Bancontact / Mister Cash
4) Belfius Direct Net
5) SOFORT Banking
6) Banktransfer
7) Paypal
8) Bitcoins
9) Paysafecard

For our complete version information and changelog visit the link below:
I also want this feature in WHMCS without any 3rd party addon.
You need this:

It's not WHMCS's job to remove the payment gateway charge that third parties charge you for using its services - if a company attempted to charge me the 3.4% + 20p (UK PayPal) that they should be paying - I'd look somewhere else, just a thought for you.

Yesterday we released module: ModulesGarden Payment Gateway Charges For WHMCS which should suit your needs. Module allows you to charge additional fees and set up discounts for usage of chosen payment gateway. You can also decide which of clients, products, addons, domains and other require an additional fee and which one do not.

You can find much more information on our website:

module in app store

______________ custom WHMCS modules
shwoo wrote:+1
Agreed with all of above, this feature is well overdue! Can anyone advise if this will ever happen?
It is still under open discussion which means there are currently no plans to implement.
Agreed with all of above, this feature is well overdue! Can anyone advise if this will ever happen?
In New Zealand we're allowed to apply a fixed fee to credit card payments. We want to add a $4 fee to all credit card payments.

Another +1 for this.
I do see the need for a way to apply charges per gateway so that we can then charge appropriately to cover these costs.

I dont see why you would want to offer a discount for using, check, banktransfer, standing order or the like. Those payment options might cost you less but there is an added cost in manual processing time to complete these checks.
Yes! Its so important while selling in different payment gateways.
this has a vote for me. each payment gateway should have an option to set a % surcharge which will be applied to everything processed via that gateway
Yes please, Australia has had this law for years, big companies already pass it on.