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Re-arrange or provide options for Requestor Column on support ticket page

One item we are seeing on the admin ticket support screen is the ordering in the requestor tab.

Is it possible to SWAP the positions of those variable calls? It would be ideal for us at least to see the Account (Company) on the top in larger font, then the Requestor and account type in smaller font below.

We think the logic for our support team is better defined when we first see the Company which opened a case, then WHO and WHAT type of account they have. Having just upgraded from 7.X to 8.3 this was a large shift for our team.

I was informed from support this is not currently templated and not easily modified via themes.

Regrettably, this would be a section that is not templated. With that said, there is a hook point available (AdminSupportTicketPagePreTickets) on a load of this page within the admin area that may allow you to perform some actions. More information surrounding this can be found here;

Alternatively, as you have mentioned, the best way to see this implemented permanently would be to submit a feature request.

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